Life abroad, traveling & moving to spain, with help everything is easier

We are a company focused on providing support, help and assistance to expats, foreigners & tourist who are visiting, living or move to madrid. We offer any form of support in everything related to daily life or your visit to Madrid. Contact us for a free consultation.

We provide assist related to your daily live in Spain: We offer you a wide range of services and products to ensure your stay in Spain (Madrid) is relaxing and without worry. We give our clients assistance in language programs, university, with all types of paperwork, any problem which may arise, assistance finding flats, insurances, tax returns, visas, DNI, and much more.

Madrid is Europe´s best destination for partying & celebrating special events. You can choose Helping Hand Madrid to celebrate all sorts of occasions.  We can arrange Hen & Stage Parties, Divorce Parties, Especial Birthday Parties, Spring Break or any other type of special occasions. Madrid offer numerous possibilities. Give us an idea of what you like and we can arrange the rest.

Madrid has become a world leader in health tourism & wellness due to its high quality, affordability, innovation, touristic & cultural offerings. If you need medical assistances or treatment, contact us. Our job is to make your stay in Madrid comfortable and to ensure that everything is prearranged for your arrival. We offer continued support throughout your treatment.

Whether you´re coming to Spain for vacation, to study or for a change of lifestyle, we offer unique services to make your stay (short term or long term) comfortable. Our services can be tailored to the need of any visitor, tourist, student or expat. We provide tourist activities, general information, hotel bookings, tickets, drivers license, domestic partnership and whatever you need.

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