international apmosphere in madrid


Madrid & Party

It is a universal truth that Madrid is the best city in Spain and one of the best cities in the world to go out. It has the greatest concentration of students in the whole world, the largest of Europe, and the largest of all of Spain. It receives more than nine million tourists a year and has a population of 6,385,298 inhabitants that turn her into guarantee of constant movement, atmosphere, Fun & Party.

Enjoy the nightlife is an obligation is in Madrid, even if it is a business trip, you can´t miss the opportunity to enjoy the city, And it is very complicated not to give in to the temptation. Even if you don´t have a lot of time, there are many ways to enjoy the nightlife in Madrid: like going out for a “caña”, vino, visiting a club or enjoying “vermouth” or “quemar Madrid”. The nightlife in Madrid has not schedule or boundaries, such us, you can always encounter a party regardless of the time or day of the week.

The zone of Huertas is One of the most typical and accessible location in Madrid. They you will find numerous hotels, hostel and lodgings. Also known as the neighborhood of the letters “(barrio de Las Letras)” because it honours the Spanish writers, inasmuch as in the same neighborhood there lived many of them in the golden century. It ranges from the Plaza de Santa Ana to the Paseo del Prado and includes Huertas street and the surrounding streets. Nowadays it has become one of the most popular places to go out in Madrid, its full of modern bars as well as many  typical Spanish “tapa” bars of  “cañas” and  pubs such as The Maripepa, Cocktails such us  El Helecho , La Tarasca, and jazz bars like Cafe Jazz popular, Vinoteca (wine bars) as Barbechera, karaoke such as Cher’s Karaoke And a very infamous bar of the zone  La Venecia, they only serve wine of sherry, Manzanilla with its corresponding tapa, an authentic Andalusian tavern that in addition has remained unchanged with time.

There are also many nightspots; our favourite is “Mi madre era una groupie”. The neighbourhood is wrapped in letters, poetry and literature, it is possibly the most lively zone of Madrid and one of the oldest.

Some international parties in nightclubs in Madrid:

There are some clubs in Madrid that organize international parties. (Depending on the weekdays)

Monday – INDEPENDENCE CLUB, Fuckin ‘Monday, admission is free from 23:30 to 0:30

Wednesday – Gabana 1800 (metro station Retiro) Wednesday night has the most international atmosphere, especially from Erasmus students. (You can get in for free if they put you on list it is necessary to ask to the doorman for public relations person and they are in the habit of inviting you inside for a drink)

Thursday – EPIC at Joy Eslava nightclub International night and of students Erasmus “Show your Flag” Admission is 10 € and 15 €.

There are also many organized many pub crawls in Madrid, and of course every week there are several organized several groups of language exchanges in different pubs and bars with different styles but one common denominator, to enjoy an international atmosphere and by the way, you can practice or teach the language, or just have a drink and meet new people.

Above, all Madrid is here for your enjoyment, what we live is all that remains at the end. Don´t be surprised if you go out with friends during the night and find yourself greeting the sunrise on your way home, this is the life is Spain, and this is what will make you a true madrileño. Foreigners, party and Madrid, this is a perfect combination and if you live through it once you will want to repeat it.

In Madrid everything is alive; the nightlife never STOPS captivating us.

Enjoy your time here!!Madrid for foreigners.

Go out in Madrid.