Working, studying and living in Madrid is of the best methods to learn Spanish.  Having a  intensive Period of dip abroad is one of the greatest experiences you can live.  Whilst you learn, the real trip is already underway, a trip that can and will change your life forever.

Madrid is the perfect city for the immersive experience: here are the keys.

  • You´ll learn Spanish, the language that is spoken by more than 500 million people around the world. In Madrid there is only one official language which is Spanish (Castellano).
  • Everything you do in your daily life can be an amazing opportunity to practice Spanish. Madrid has a pretty active social life.
  • Madrid offers all the facilities that a foreigner or expat may require; to study, work or to live!
  • Madrid is one of the main European capitals, and the financial center of the country.
  • Madrid has a large variety of universities, attached centers, high standing business schools, diversity of educational programs, Spanish language schools, and many other languages. Variety and choice are two of the main strengths of Madrid.
  • High quality transport system. It allows you to travel in an easy and comfortable way all over the city and surrounding areas. In subway, bus, night – bus, or suburban train.
  • It is located in the geographical center of the country, what makes it easy to explore the rest of Spain from  here, in a comfortable and cheap way. The transportation in Madrid is good and inexpensive.
  • Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas is the International Airport. It´s the largest in Spain and the third in Europe in passenger traffic. Travellers often find Madrid to be the perfect transition point for traveling between Europe and North and South America and the North of Africa. Madrid is the perfect city to travel from as one can easily reach many other destinations within Spain or destinations outside of Madrid.  Settling down in Madrid is perfect for travellers.
  • Madrid has an intense cultural life. It is a modern, dynamic and cosmopolitan city.
  • Spaniards, and specially Madrilenians are warm, friendly and very welcoming people.Life here continues after-hours over a “caña” which presents a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and to begin a new life.  It’s unusual to feel lonely in Madrid.  You will find always your little family in Madrid.
  • The harmony between the strikingly modern and the old makes Madrid an awesome and timeless place when travelling between centuries. It is the trip of a lifetime.
  • Madrid has a lot of popular festivals; such as: Easter “Fiestas del dos de mayo”, “Fiestas de San Isidro”, “ fiestas del orgullo gay”, “Fiestas de la virgen de la Paloma”, Festivas, concerts, Street activities ect..
  • The gastronomy; it´s authentic, innovative and very diverse. It ranges from the more traditional cuisine to the highest avant-garde cuisine.
  • Spain has a quality and innovative health system. Madrid leads the ranking of the best health system of Spain in 10 out of 14 medical specialities.

Spain has two health care systems:

  • Spain National health Service
  • Private health care

You will discover everything else when you move to Madrid. Lifestyle, charm, culture, party, climate, ect…

Madrid is full of possibilities for studying, working and entertainment.  It’s also the destination of choice for expats and foreigners worldwide.

Have a good trip, looking for your way, welcome to an unforgettable experience; Madrid.