Sobre Madrid, Traslado a Madrid.

Are you traveling to Madrid? Meet people & explore the city; lifestyle, charm, nightlife, party, healthcare, culture, nature ..... & the sky, discover it.

Expats living in Madrid

Madrid is the capital city of Spain and the largest and most populated city in the country. It is not only inhabited by Madrileños but also by people from different regions of Spain as well as people from around the world.  It is said that if you spend enough time in Madrid that you´ll never want to leave.

It is a cosy, friendly, thriving, cosmopolitan city with a lively cultural, artistic and intellectual movement A unique blend of the antique and the modern, full of interesting resources for tourists. Furthermore, Spain is the birth place of Spanish and the top destination to study Spanish.

Have aperiod of intensive exposure abroad it´s just one of the great experiences you can live, and Madrid it´s the perfect city to live abroad.

Madrid is the third- largest city in Europe, It´s the finantial and political center of Spain. The city have rich experiences in wide-ranging  lifestyles on the diferents neigborhoods.

Here we leave some information about the most typical areas, with with different nightlife atmospheres. The area just depends on your tastes and mood.

Madrid nightlife, know where to go out; sundry Neighborhoods



Santa Ana square and Huertas Street are two of the most popular areas. This zone includes: Puerta Del Sol, Atocha Street and Paseo del Prado. It is known as “Barrio de las letras” and it is one of the Madrid´s most famous and cheerful zones. It is full of traditional bars, Irish pubs, clubs with diferent kinds os music and countless terrazas.

It is one of the favorite places for tourists and, of course for people from Madrid. Most of the bars and pubs close at 3:00 am or 3:30 am , but  some of them are open until 6:00 am or 7:00 am.

malasaña madrid


It is the vintage distric by excellence. It is located between Calle Funcarral, San Bernardo, Gran Vía and Glorieta de Bilbao. Streets are crowded with bars, cafeterias and original shops. La movida madrileña was born here, and it is one of the most authentic and bohemian of Madrid. It is the new “soho” for a lot of people.

chueca madrid


It is the gay district of Madrid. It is also crowded with pubs. It is located close to Gran Via, between Calle Fuencarral and Plaza de Chueca.

It is one of the most colorful districs and offers countless entertainment options, for gays and heterosexual people. At the end of June pride gay party takes place, with free concerts, cultural activities, and the great parade.

la latina madrid


It is located very close to La Plaza Mayor, between Plaza de la Cebada y Plaza de la Paja. It is the distric with more personality of the city. There are millions of bars and pubs, one after the other. It is the place for going out in the morning, evening or night. Every Sunday and bank holiday morning “el rastro” is established. It is the most emblematic outdoor market of the country.

Time table: Sundays and bank holidays from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm,

La fiesta de la Paloma takes place in this distric on the 15th of August. It is the most important festival of Madrid.



It is located between calle Atocha, la Ronda de Valencia and calle Embajadores.  It is the most multicultural district of Madrid with more than 20 different nationalities, it looks unkempt but has a lot of charming . It is the largest miscegenation of Madrid, it has dozens of restaurants and menus from all over the world at low prices. We can enjoy a cheap trip around the world at Lavapies.

Every year the Indian cultural festival takes place in this district in June; “BollyMadrid” (free), and the tapa route is organized (ruta de la tapa), known as “tapapies” during October .


moncloa arguelles


It is located between Plaza de Moncloa and Alberto Aguilera streat . It is a young zone of major colleges and university residences. It is located between the square of Moncloa and Argüelles. There are bars, pubs and clubs with different environments, so you can find yours, rock, pop ect …a a great spot in this area is “el chapandaz” and his famous drink “leche de pantera” you must try.

azca av de brasil


Located between P º de la Castellana and Calle Orense, close to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. It is the financial center of the capital and when it is shut down, the evening turns it into a zone of leisure and amusement, flooded with pubs and discos in some towers as Tower Europe. The music is mostly commercial and Latin.

barrio de salamanca


Located at the beggining of Pº de la Castellana, Calle Alcalá,  María de Molina and Francisco Silvela. It is the VIP zone of Madrid, mainly crowded with people with high class. The most common music is Dance, House and commercial music.


Madrid has many possibilities for studying, working & entertainment. It’s also the destination of choise for expats and foreigners worldwide.

Welcome to Madrid, an unforgettable experience.