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Madrid has become a world leader in health tourism and wellness due to its high quality, affordable prices and touristic and cultural offerings.

Madrid has become a world leader in health tourism and wellness due to its high quality, affordability, innovation, touristic and cultural offerings.  If you need medical assistances or treatment, Madrid possesses a wide variety of cutting edge health care facilities as well as various specialized medical clinics which can service a wide array of health concerns.  Our job is to make your stay in Madrid as comfortable as possible and to ensure that everything is prearranged for your arrival.  We also offer continued support from the beginning to the end of your treatment and can also accompany during the entire process.  I promise that we are the best option for your trip.  Feel free to contact us for additional information.

Treatment abroad - Spain destination health & wellness.

Madrid offers high quality of healthcare, affordability, access of care or better availability.
We take care of everything, write us.

Medical & wellness tourism, Spain the preferred destination.

Medical tourism, treatment abroad Madrid – spain.

Foreigners who travel to Madrid for medical reasons have a wide range of services that guarantee their well being and recovery.

The number of patients looking for medical services in private centers in Spain is increasing every year. More and more people are travelling abroad to perform medical procedures and services due to economic reasons, quality or due to the lack of services available in their home country.

Spain, and therefore Madrid, has the best conditions to become an international powerful of health tourism, because it has an internationally renowned health, today it is tourism that is booming because innovation and safety of services provided are the elements that define it in Spain. The search for these health services in a broad sense, are the reason for travel.

Spanish Health Service is one of the best in the world and has the 7th position in The World Health Organization (WHO).

Newsweek magazine places Madrid in the third position, after Japan and Switzerland.

Private health services have been steadily increasing in Spain over the past years due to the advantages and benefits it offers to patients, such as reduced waiting lists, the comfort associated with inpatient personal care, and access to certain treatments not covered by the Public National Health Service.

Madrid has the widest range of treatments & hospitals




Madrid also has a great number of private clinics that provide specific treatments.

specialist clinics & treatment

Infertility treatment
Plastic and cosmetic surgery
Obesity Surgery
Proton Beam Therapy
Among others......

Featured healthcare services in Spain

Main services that are included in this type of tourism are:

Medical specialties

Assisted reproduction

Beauty and Wellness

Rehabilitation, Anti-aging and aesthetic
Aesthetic and plastic surgery
Natural therapies
Wellness Hydrotherapy
Alternative therapies

Spain for surgery, dentistry, beauty, fertility or any medical treatment

In Spain, it can be combined with other kind of tourism: beach and sun, culture, leisure…

It usually includes thermal water treatments, thalassotherapy, SPA, sport activities and other services related to the wellness concept.

Aesthetic services such as hairdresser, beauty hygiene (hair removal, massage, tanning, hydrothermal, personal image, manicure, and pedicure).

Madrid is one the favorite destinations.

Tendencies and specialties in health & wellness tourism in Spain

It is an activity in which the patient travels out of his country to receive a medical treatment that for any circumstances he does not have it in his own country or he finds it cheaper in other countries.

In this type of tourism Spain offers prices below the European average and a recognized sanitary system throughout the world.

The advantage of Madrid is that it possesses good transport connections with almost the whole world.

In this activity your Helping Hand in Madrid wants to give service, options and facilities to all those “patient tourists” who choose our city to carry out their treatment.

Our offer applies to four medical specialty areas:





We ensure fluency medical information, both the preliminary information to guide the patient before, during and after treatment, in order to assure a suitable recovery.

Our services can be contracted in an individual way depending on every need. We recommend contracting the medical option chosen once in Spain and after visiting the medical center and speaking with the specialists. (It is never necessary to pay in advance, and hospitals never ask for the payment in advance).

Prices & Services

Health and Medical Tourism - Spain - Madrid - medical treatments and Medical Beauty treatments

Medical tourism, wellness & beauty  in Madrid – Spain.
we help you to get the right hospital or clinic for treatment, depending on your pathology, individuals needs and budget.

*We search different centers of reference providing you all information.

*Evaluation of medical reports in coordination with medical services to evaluate the level of pathologies.

*Accompaniment of the patient to the hospital the day of admission as well as any prior consultation, after treatment  or preparation appointments.

*We coordinate the whole process with the hospital or clinic.

*We provide assistance to arrange the trip, hotels, zones ect.. throughout your stay, and when you leave.

*we are available for anything you may require.

Send us an email explaining your needs, and we will begin working.

Spain healthcare & wellness tourism, will help you get the best treatment in Madrid.

Travelers’ Health in Spain.


  • We search different centers of reference and create personalized budgets

Price: 250€ – 300€. Depending on treatment and difficulty.

  • Facility and procedure search to include booking procedures and accommodations as necessary.

Price: 30€

  • Evaluation of medical reports in coordination with medical services to evaluate the level of pathologies

Price: 60€

  • Accompaniment of the patient to the hospital the day of admission as well as any prior consultation or preparation appointments. We can also function as a translator between you and the nurses/physicians, as needed.

Price: 50€ per day as requested

  • Travel assistance insurance: we compare and take care of the process and hiring of any insurance that you may need.

Price: 15€

  • Adverse effects insurance: we compare and take care of the processing and/or purchase of any required insurance

Price: 15€

Included Perks

  • Assistance in selecting the medical center or specialist. Price: 0€
  • We can provide tourist information about the country or city. Price: 0€
  • Monitoring of development and patient recovery. Price: 0€
  • We can research and book Health, Beauty & Wellness stays.
    • Hotel Wellness & SPA
    • Thalassotherapy center
    • SPA accommodation
    • Alternatives therapies (vino therapy, chocolate, cava therapy, etc.)
    • Massage treatments

Price: 50€

In case you would like accompaniment to the facilities, we can provide a personalized budget (based on time required) to accommodate all of your needs to ensure your experience is a pleasurable one.

These prices do not include the cost of entry to the establishment, activity or event. Nor the cost of the train ticket, bus, taxi or any other form of transport necessary for the activity. Also excludes the cost of taxes, fees or other payments required by the government to perform any transaction by your Helping Hand in Madrid.

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