Move to Madrid

Moving to Madrid. Starting a new life as an Expat or student abroad in Spain will be an unforgetable experience.

We provide professional help and advice to assist you with coming to Spain as well as durning your stay. 

Helping Hand Madrid offers a wide range of services for expats or foreigners, providing support with all administrative and bureaucratic system, relocation procedures, and any other support which an individual might need while in Spain.

Our services are based on different factors and entail a personal touch, transparency, flexibility, perfect knowledge about the Spanish system and an understanding of expat difficulties and reflect our experience abroad.  We can take care of everything during your stay.

The services for expats that we provide can be very useful for your life in Spain.

Relocation, visa, housing , settling -in. marriage, paperwork, tax, work abroad, schools, before you arrive, leaving Spain...

Check at our comprehensive list of services to discover how we can assist you.

Expat services in Spain - Madrid


Help with bureaucratic paperwork in Spain, administrative tasks of daily life for foreigners, and each process associated with your life in Spain, move or relocation.

Relocation services in Spain - life abroad, Madrid.

-understand what is required in each proces and managed.
-Do the paperwork.
-Health insurance, banking account, transport card,
-Housing assistance (Different packages of services).
-Coaching on how to find job openings,how applying for work, CV, cover letters & training for interviews.
-help with problems arising; landlord, phone company, work, school, goverment office,thefh, doctor… and any other one.

Relocation services in Spain, discover how we can help you.

Settlement in Spain & living in Madrid. Expat life. Relocation Services.



Package A – Package A is an information package.  It includes personalized property searches as well as information regarding other online property resources to help make your search easy. We will provide detailed information regarding each Barrio (area) in Madrid to ensure you have the most information available when considering where to live.  Additionally, we will review any contracts to ensure conformity to Madrid Governmental standards.

Price: 40€

Package B – Package B includes assistance searching for housing to include details and information regarding different Barrios (areas) in Madrid.  We will also schedule appointments for you to view properties (via phone/email) and provide guidance and information regarding housing contracts and other required paperwork.  This package does NOT include accompaniment to view properties.

Price: 80€

Package C – Package C includes all services from Package A & B but also includes personal accompaniment to view housing options.  This means, a representative will accompany you to view properties and can function as a translator between you and the property owner during the visit. Price 300€

-individual personal accompaniment to view housing – price: 15€ (each visit)


  • Accompaniment :10€ hour.
  • Filling documentation: 10€ – 15€ depending on the number of pages.
  • talk with workers: include

& whatever is necessary to resolve de current event. We set a budget based on the complication.

TAX RETURN; Help and accompaniment to the tax office to request PIN code, fill out in the declaration and send it to the office. Price: 30€


University Package – This package includes a wide array of information regarding universities in Madrid.  This package will include details of degree programs to include Master degrees, Doctorate degrees, continuing education, work training, Spanish courses and Internships.  Additionally, information can also be provided regarding grants and grant requirements.Price: 100€

Summary identity check criminal background history information about the process and documentation required, accompaniment to pick up their criminal background. Price: 30€

Document Drop-off/Pick-up Package – This includes the pick up and/or delivery of any documents pertaining to your visa.Price: 40€

Recognition of qualifications  Price: 40€

 Pick up titles Price: 30€


Language School Package – Includes a personalized search for Language Schools meeting your pre-designated criteria.  The list provides detailed information regarding each school, the area, course options and schedules.Price: 30€

SCHOOLS – KINGARDEN – HIGH SCHOOLS. The whole information , support the process to applying, Accompanying the visits. Price: 100€


Transportation Card Package – We will complete and submit all required paperwork for you to receive your Madrid Transportation Card. Price: 15€


Banking Package – This package includes our services related to opening a bank account in Spain and a description of the different account options base your nationality, visa & Interests.Price: 25€


Technology Package – We can provide a wide array of information regarding mobile and internet providers located in Madrid.  Our service includes a complete list of companies, rates, management contracts, pre-paid phones and accompaniment to open a new account. Price: 15€


Assistance in identifying and locating sworn translators and comparing prices; document collection and delivery. Price: 20€


Visa/NIE/DNI Package – We can help you in the application process or renewal of visas or any type of Spanish residency or NIE/DNI renewal. We can create a personalized Budget and options if you require insurance such as repatriation or health.  This will vary depending of the country and each situation.Price: 50€


CV Package – Translation of your CV from English to Spanish, German to Spanish and French to Spanish (contact us for information regarding other languages)

Price: 100€- 200€ (varies depending on the size and complexity)

Work-in-Spain Package – Assistance to get a Job Information necessary to get a job including site registration and profile creation. Price: 60€


We can provide information about all language Exchanges available in Madrid, including locations, meeting times and a websites to connect with locals.  These experiences are important to ensure you meet local people and are able to practice the language in a safe learning environment. Price: 0€


We can provide a list of free activities/groups you can join depending of your interest.  This is a sure way to make new friends while practicing Spanish and enjoying the city.

Price: 0€


-In case of theft, aggression or business abuse, we can provide assistance in filing formal complaints with police or the local government.

*By phone 15€

*Face to face 25€


In case of unexpected hospitalization we can accompany you the hospital, contact your family, speak with doctors and regularly visit the patient.

Price: 20€ (per day, additional cost associated with late night/early morning trips)

We can also accompany you to visit a family doctor for emergencies or other reasons.

Price: 15€ family Doctor /25€ emergency


We can provide insurance quotes and assist with enrolment or submitting a claim. Options include: medical insurance, dental insurance, vehicle, travel, repatriation, pets ect…Price: 15€


*Houses – We can help you find homes/flats for sale in and ora round Madrid.  We can accompany you to view properties and provide translator services during your visits and translate documents as needed.

Price: Ask for a personal Budget.

 *Objects – We can help locate needed household or personal items (new/used) as well as help sale any unwanted items when leaving the country (furniture, bikes, cars, household appliances, ect.)

Price: Ask for a personal Budget.


-We can also help with your return home.  From arranging airline, bus or train tickets, to scheduling taxi pick-ups.  Just ask for a personal Budget.


If there’s something you need assistance with and it’s not listed on our site, please ask.  We can help with all of your needs during your trip or move to Madrid. 

Study in Madrid, Universities:

Madrid offers many options for foreigners who choose to study in Madrid.

The Region of Madrid has:

Public Universities

Universidad de Alcalá
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Universidad Carlos III
Universidad complutense de Madrid
Universidad politécnica de Madrid
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Private Universities

Universidad Alfonso X el sabio
Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
Universidad Camilo José Cela
Universidad Europea de Madrid
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Another Universities

Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
La sede de la Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Y la Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA).

Support and help for students & workers in spain - Madrid, relocation abroad solutions.

Study abroad, life in Madrid.

Madrid  also has many foreign universities  which have headquarters in this city.

Private American University of Saint Louis for students from around the word. Others with international campuses in Madrid such as the Suffolk University (Boston) and several international schools, and various international schools affiliated with Spanish universities, such as as Europäische Wirtschaftsakademie attached to the University of Alcala de Henares with headquarters in Madrid and many more.

It also features several business schools of great international recognition such as IE Business School,Madrid has the highest concentration of students from Spain and one of the largest student population in Europe.

Many Spanish universities offer Spanish language courses in Madrid with high – quality programs.

Study Spanish in Madrid!

Spanish Language schools in Madrid

Madrid also offers a wide range of schools to learn Spanish. The offer is very wide and competition is high, therefore it´s very important to choose a good Spanish Language school , some of the keys are:

*Good credentials
*Figure out your budget
*Small class size
*Combined grammar and conversation
* Spanish teachers
* Good location
* Schedule to choose

Madrid is without a doubt one of the best place in the world for learning Spanish. Spain is the country where the language was born and the point from where it was exported to the world that speaks it today.

Apart from the large number of schools that offer language learning, Madrid is an international city with a high standard of living making it the perfect city to learn Spanish.  Whether in a structured classroom setting or by speaking with new friends in a bar, Madrid offers a language-learning environment for people of all ages and experience.

The open and cheerful nature of the people from Madrid helps you become immerse in the Spanish culture and language in an easy, quick and comfortable way.  While making friends and learning the language, Madrid is slowing seducing you to a new way of life.  The Spanish way of life!

You can and will learning Spanish while walking in the streets, eating tapas, drinking “cañas” and “sangria”, enjoying the nightlife, having “chocolate with churros” at sunrise and squid sandwich at mid-day. Learning Spanish in Madrid is the most authentic and thrilling experience that you can ever imagine.

We make life in Madrid be easily and smoothly for expats and foreigners who chose Spain to work, Study or just live.

These prices do not include the cost of entry to the establishment, activity or event. Nor the cost of the train ticket, bus, taxi or any other form of transport necessary for the activity. Also excludes the cost of taxes, fees or other payments required by the government to perform any transaction by your Helping Hand in Madrid.

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