Madrid day-trips, let´s go to explore the surroundings!

Plans that you can do near Madrid.

There are other worlds close to Madrid to discover, full of interesting proposals which get away from the big city. We suggest a few:

It is a town in Madrid  43 minutes away from the city center. In It is the Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial. It was built between 1563 and 1584. It includes a Royal Palace, a Basilica, a cemetery, a library and a monastery. The palace was the residence of the Royal Family and the basilica is the burial place of the kings of spain.You can also visit the Valley of the Fallen in Escorial. 

Cercanías C8A – 5,4 € each way

Salida: From Atocha, Recoletos, Nuevos Ministerios, Chamartín

Llegada: Escorial Station. 15 minutes walk to the monastery Escorial, or wait for the bus

Líneas 661 y 664 – 4,2 € each way

Salida: Bus interchange of Moncloa. Metro Moncloa

Llegada: Monastery of Escorial

Located in the town of San Martin de Valdeiglesias,it is the only swamp in Madrid where bathing is can also navigateby boat, rent pedal boats, canoes, sunbathe ect…

Línea 551 – 4,85 € each way

Salida: Bus Interchange of Prícipe Pío. Metro Príncipe Pio

Locaated in the Valley of Lozoya, in the heart of Guadarrama mountain chain.

Línea 191 – 5,08 € each way

Salida: Bus Interchange of Plaza de Castilla. Metro Plaza de Castilla

It is known as the “imperial city”and “the city of three cultures”.It is one of the most important medieval centers of Spanish culture. You can visit the cathedral,the Grecos in Santa Cruz Museum, Army museum, visit tho the Toledo countryards. Enjoy the view of the Valley “around the Valley” impresses at night.

Ave 33 minutes – 12,5 € each way

Departure:  Atocha Station. Metro Atocha Renfe

5,63 € each way

Departure: Bus interchange of Plaza Elíptica. Metro Plaza Elíptica

It is a heritage of humanity city,where you can visit the Aqueduct, the Alcazar, the Jewish Ghetto and the awesome Gothic Cathedral with some Renaissence characteristics. Segovia´s cuisine it is also an essential in this city, the most typical is the  sckling pig.

Ave 26 minutes – 10,15 € trayecto

Departure: Estación de Chamartín, Metro Cahmartin

Arrival: Outskirts of city. Urban bus  Nº 11.  1,03 € each way

55 minutes from Madrid
8,20 € each way (The bus has a stop in the center of the city)

Departure: Bus interchange of  Moncloa. Metro Moncloa

The historic old town has been stated heritage of humanity. Birthplace of Cervantes. You can visit the museum house of Cervantes S. XVI, one of the world´s best known spanish authors. The cathedral, the late Gothic style (flamboyant) highlights its renaissance cloister. The convent of the Clarisas de San Diego, ideal place for a day out of Madrid.

Cercanías C7 y C20 – 3,5 € each way

Departure: Atocha, Recoletos, Nuevos Ministerios, Chamartín

Líneas 223, 227, 229 y N202 (night bus) – 3,6 € each way

One of the royal places of the spanish monarchy since Felipe II.Its history begins in the S.XVI. It is well known for its Royal Palace, its gardens and its orchard, specially strawberries. Aranjuez has a historical and artistic center city. Its located on the Tajo river banks. They are The strawberry train and the festival of Aaranjuez Mutiny are of interest for tourist and locals.

Cercanías C – 4,20 € each way

Departure: Sol or Atocha. Metro Sol or Atocha Renfe

Ave 20 minutes – 8 € each way

Departure: Atocha. Metro Atocha Renfe

From the station of Méndez Álvaro (metro Méndez Álvaro)
4,25 € each way

Departure: Bus interchange of  Méndez Álvaro. Metro Méndez Álvaro

The fee to visit the palace is 9€. Its free for children under the age of 5, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 15 to 18 h(October to March).17 to 20 h(April to September), EU residents , bearers of permission Ibero-american citizens (with ID).

Linea 601 – 1,5 € each way

Departure: Bus interchange of Moncloa. Metro Moncloa

Fully regional park, included in the global network of biosphere reserves. It offers a impresive landscape, its castle  is high on a Mudejar Romanesque hermitage of the S.XII, highlights the collection of Flemish Tapestries from S.XVI made  by Rubens.

Line 724 – 4,2 € each way

Departure: Bus interchange of Plaza de Castilla. Metro Plaza de Castilla

“The enchanted city” was declared a natural site of national interest. It has with  eroded limestone with ghostly shapes. Neo-Gothic front of 1902 in a building it started at the end of S.XVII. Go on a visit the hanging houses; civilian houses perched on the edge of a rock. to

13,25 € each way

Departure: Méndez Álvaro Station. Metro Méndez Alvaro

Ski center located in Sierra de Guadarrama. To 1858 m. altitude.

Cercanías C9 – 8,10 € each way

Departure: Atocha, Recoletos, Nuevos Ministerios, Chamartin

Arrival: Cercedilla. There take another train to the port of Navacerrada

Line 691 – 7,40 € each way